Hiding, Resting

just need to hide myself away for a little bit while I work

I have started feeling bad for increasingly neglecting this blog and my DID blogger friends, whom I sincerely admire and appreciate.  I apologize, dear friends.

For the time being, I am withdrawn a bit into myself, mostly working.  This involves a lot of reading and writing and other computer work, so it uses up all my patience for sitting at my desk, therefore making any other stuff (like reading blogs and typing into this blog) seem too much like work — in this case, over-work.

I have set a goal for myself, a huge task to be completed by September 1st.  If all goes well, my time will loosen up a bit by then.  If all goes well, what I do between now and then will lay a firm financial and professional foundation for me to build upon at a more leisurely pace, allowing me more time for healing and being a bigger part of others’ lives.  For now, I must buckle down and WORK.  I hope you can understand — but if you’ve read my blog and know my financial situation, I am SURE you understand.

Perhaps I can post some of the art I do during my “I need a break!” times.

Perhaps I can post more “Voices” I’ve already written, along with a few inspirational quotes.

Definitely, I will venture over to your blogs every once in a while and say a few encouraging words — because I soooo want to!  I just pray you will forgive my inconsistency.  :cry:

And once in a while I can write a quick little post here, although I may not have much to say due to computer burnout.

Thanks for your support, your interest, and your patience!

– SynthGirl  :O>



Every little bit helps - thank you, kind friend! :D
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  1. aynetal3 says:

    Hi-hi. I want to apologize too that we’ve been gone so long from our blog, and especially unaware of our comment section. When we discovered this area yesterday, we realized that you had made a few very nice comments in it and we had not responded back appropriately. Please accept our sincere apology.

    I am the multiple blogger/writer who does the quilts and has a few blogs listing blogrolls of so many other multiples. That was one of our first thoughts was to make sure you were on the list. Because though your address reflects being web pages and not an actual blog like through Blogger or WordPress I was unable to do so, but I did list your space on the bottom of our page under important links. I wanted not to lose you in the general scheme of life. Please don’t feel bad about “keeping up” with the blog reading – like me it gets overwhelming and its just to know when you or one of your parts get back to it … it will still be there.

    I especially appreciate that you’ve touched on our more creative flow with the quilts. We had gotten into a quilt group at a local church who was making quilts for Lutheran World Relief. Their goal is to collect 500,000 quilts throughout to give to important third world countries and disaster relief victims. In the last three months I’ve just been working on patch quilts which has taken away from our writing time. I would now like to get back and include the writing too because it means so much to our system.

    I admire your stick-to-id-ness in blogging AND through the work you are doing during a challenging part of your life. I read a few entries enough to know that money is tight, cool air is almost unheard of and that there are pressures most likely from living in a tight spot with so many others. We’re also in a mobile home, but its a little different and probably more comfortable. I do empathize with challenges/obstacles (at best) and hope that day after day you succeed the most important of those you’ve set your minds to.

    I appreciate your entrance into our world!

    Our best,
    Ann (Aynetal3)


    • SynthGirl says:

      Hi Ann, and thanks! I recognized who you are, as soon as you mentioned the quilts. I can tell you from the OTHER side of that mission (the receiving side) that your quilts really DO make a difference. In 1996-7 we (myself, my crazed first husband, and our 2 young sons) were homeless, living out of a van. We had no money, no food, no insurance. A kindly Christian organization on the west coast where we were at helped us out. Exactly one week after they started helping us, I gave birth to my third son on the floor of the hotel bathroom, alone. One week after that, he was in the hospital dying from RSV. Several weeks later, we were back in the little one-room apartment the agency had us set up in. My son had survived and that was all that really mattered, but I was flat-out exhausted in every way imaginable. Somewhere within those first few days out of the hospital, I noticed this big, colorful quilt that had been given to us. I clung to it to make it through those scary days. It truly helped me to know that somewhere out there, someone cared enough to make this bit of warmth and love to give to a lonely, struggling heart like mine. I still keep that quilt — it has become a family heirloom in its own way. :D

      • aynetal3 says:

        Thank you for the note … it is the kind of thing we don’t hear enough of – the story behind the story. I’m glad you were able to derive so much comfort from it at a very hard time in your life. I’m glad that your son made it through the RSV. How scared you must have been. Once of of my three sons brushed death … every strength within you comes out to meet the odds head on. You are doing a hell of a job with all the challenges presented you and your family. Keep at it! No where to go but up! We were in a homeless shelter for a couple of months then government subsidy apartments for the better part of two years. Life is worth every nicety you can add to it! I think that’s why I like the quilts so much – they are just nice “feel good” things to give. Our heart to you!


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