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watch me grow multiple personalities childhood abuse to healing and independence

I always get these “great ideas” — whether they be clothes designs, book ideas, lines of poems, or whatever.  And I almost always either write them down in my little leather “idea book” or else I chuck them off as silly distractions, reasoning,  ”Now it’s time to get back to WORK…”

Well, I’m TIRED of work that bears no fruit.  I’m SICK of spending my days either working on OLD projects that I’ve lost the “feel” for — or else looking for work that I’ll never have a feel for.

So this morning, after I wrote the blue post about my awesome son’s necklaces (and the library!), I had an idea that I would really like to create a page for this blog that kinda tells my story in order — or at least in the order things unfold in this blog.  So I did.  Check it out.  I have FINISHED a project in one day — because it flowed, it was where my HEART was, and I actually CARED about doing it.  Let that be a lesson to me.  Hah!  THIS was my work for today.  Let tomorrow worry for itself.  Yeah, Hah!  :D



Every little bit helps - thank you, kind friend! :D

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  1. Out of the Ashes says:

    Thanks for that synopsis. I enjoyed getting to know more about you and yourselves. Sorry for the circumstances in which we meet though. One day it will be behind us.


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